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Spring has officially arrived, and everyone—even those near the Snowy Cape—have a case of Spring fever!


Some Spring promoting is a great way to refresh your marketing this season, so here are some fantastic ideas on bringing in some new clients and ways to remind your loyal customers to come back around for a visit.


1. Start small. Begin weekly “mini events”, there are various ways that you can make that work for your business. On days when the sun is out, maybe you should move a few items outdoors for a “sidewalk sale”. Simple and easy. You get the idea.


2. Partner with other businesses. It’s fair to say that you won’t be the only business owner running special promotions for the spring. You may want to affiliate yourself with other local businesses that don’t represent your competition, in order to get a little cross-promoting going. However, when looking to cross promote, look for businesses that share common ground with you.


3. Introduce a new package. Bundle your products and services so that your customers can enjoy larger discounts. It’s all about providing additional value. Your new “spring packages” will greatly help to attract more customers and increase your sales.


4. Display flowers. Keeping fresh cut flowers in your business will create a warm and inviting environment.


5. Plan celebration events. It’s the spring. There are so many things that you can “celebrate”. If you missed out on celebrating Mother’s Day at your business, it’s not too late to acknowledge Father’s Day. Not to mention, summer is around the corner. And that’s worth celebrating! Bringing more attention to your business can be done through a variety of events that simply celebrate your business. Just be creative!


6. Offer a gift. As you can imagine, this is our favourite bit of advice! It has been proven over and over again that promotional gifts help to boost sales, garner referrals and strengthen customer relationships. When your customers make purchases from you this spring, make sure that you add little gifts to the transactions. Clients always love a gift when they make a purchase, even if it is small.



Bullseye Promotions wants to give many thanks to the folks at TheBestPromoProducts in Canada for the great ideas!


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