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The end of the year is quickly approaching, and that means it's time to start thinking about giving gifts. Exchanging gifts is something that everyone does during the holiday season as a way to show affection, gratitude, or to honor a relationship. In the sense of running your business, giving promotional gifts can be a very powerful way to reinforce the bonds between you, and your clients and employees for the next year to come. There are literally dozens of categories of gifts, each with hundreds of specific gifts to choose from. So, let's break the process down to the categories of both clients and employees. We'll see why giving each these groups promotional gifts is so effective, and find a few good examples to choose from.
First, let's focus on the act of distributing some company holiday gifts to your best clients. No matter what industry you are in, you have undoubtedly developed a client base that you relate to on a personal level. You deal with these people on the phone, through e-mail, and in person; you know things about them and they know things about you. You are able to run your company based on the demand that your clients have for your products or services, and you wouldn't be able to stay in a business without them. Therefore, when the holiday season comes around they definitely deserve some show of gratitude that shows how much you have appreciated their continued business.
Long-term business relationships aren't the only ones that should be honored with promotional gifts. If your company is on the right track then it has been steadily growing, and that means new customers. Every business owner cherishes their new clients, and wants to make sure that they feel as welcomed as other customers who have been doing business the company for a long time. So, it is similarly very important to prove to your new clients just how valuable you feel they are by sending them promotional gifts.
When it comes to giving company holiday gifts to your clients, it's the thought that counts. Your gift doesn't have to be outlandishly expensive (though people are always impressed with high quality), but it should be somewhat personalized. The more intimate you get with your promotional gifts, the more the client will feel like they are special. Something like a Chardonnay wine set or business card holder works especially well, simply because no one else is going to get that specific.
If you would rather keep things standard, there are a ton of promotional gift baskets which are more than acceptable to send during the holidays. These baskets usually have gourmet food products which the recipient can enjoy for weeks or even months. Furthermore, if you want to get your clients in the holiday spirit you can send them corporate holiday cards. These cards feature gorgeous designs and heartwarming messages, and some even come with music CDs featuring traditional holiday songs.
Now that we have focused on the value of giving your clients some promotional gifts, let's examine why employee holiday gifts are so important for your workers. To start, you obviously have a different relationship with your staff than you do with your clients. Your employees are the backbone of your business, and without them your company would cease to exist. A good business owner knows the value of a good employee, and as they, "Good help is hard to find." So once you build the team that is bringing you success and growth, you want to make sure that they feel valued and appreciated.
You might be surprised to know that to keep your employees satisfied it won't take much. In fact, sometimes a candid gesture that acknowledges their merit is all that it takes. With the holiday season being the most standard time to give gifts, you should start considering the type of items that will be communicate just how precious you feel your staff is.
When the holiday party comes around this year, try giving your employees something that they can continue to use throughout the year. Certain employee holiday gifts include a new money band, messenger bag, or key fob. These are items that your workers will use on a daily basis, and remind them constantly that the company they work for appreciates them. This simple show of recognition will create the incentive for your staff to continue to work hard for you throughout the entire year.
Other great employee holiday gifts include things that will help relieve the stress that your staff members will inevitably endure throughout the year. A respected executive will acknowledge the fact that their employees work hard, and will try to create ways that the workers can enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation. A promotional gift like a bath salt jar or aromatherapy wax candle will be very comforting for your staff, and remind them that your company cares about their well-being.

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