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There is a reason why some promotional products sell better than others - it is because they work. The items that are ordered most by companies looking to promote their brand have been tested time and again, and positive results have been seen. Customers respond well to certain items better than others; they are therefore are more likely to remember your brand name, and ultimately do business with your company.
When you are ready to pick out the promotional items that will carry your company to the next level, there are plenty of things to consider. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you might want to fall back on some of these best selling promotional items. This will ensure that you are not getting too experimental with your products, and there is a very high probability that you will see some good results. Let's take a look at the top 5 best selling promotional items on the market now.
1. Custom Water Bottle 
The custom water bottles are by far the best selling promotional item on the market today. There are several reasons why, but we can start by saying that the water bottle is so successful because it has a basic functional value. Humans need to drink water, and water bottles hold water. This simple equation equals the fact that people are definitely going to have some use for a custom water container.
Another great quality about the water bottle is its versatility. While some promotional products can only be used for certain occasions and in specific industries, this item is perfect for promoting any company, political cause, or awareness event. Not to mention, the custom water bottles have an excellent area for an imprinted logo to appear.
2. Nylon Sports Pack 
This simple drawstring backpack can go a long way towards getting the word out about your brand. Once again this promotional item serves a basic function for the recipient: to carry their personal belongings. The promotional drawstring backpacks are lightweight, yet they will hold a heavy load. The shoulder straps of the bag also act as the open/close mechanism, a good example of why simple is better. The nylon sports pack also comes in a variety of colors which will make it more enjoyable for the owner, as well as more likely to attract attention towards your company logo in the center.
3. Seattle B Ballpoint Pen 
Moving on to one of the most popular writing utensils being used today, the Seattle B ballpoint pen has plenty to offer. There are literally hundreds of promotional pens on the market, so it all depends on what you are willing to spend. The great thing about this pen is that you get a great value for an affordable price.
Simple yet effective, the barrel of the pen is vibrant and solid-colored and the clip and plunger are white. This seems to be a good contrasting color combination that people respond well to. A solid color won't divert any attention from your logo across the barrel, and there are plenty of colors to choose from. People also like a pen with no cap, and the click action here takes care of that request. The great thing about pens is that they are used everywhere, and sometimes traded around. So one of your potential clients may end up with this pen in their hand and you never even expected it.
4. Custom Awareness Bracelets 
At this point, everyone is familiar with custom awareness bracelets. Made famous by Lance Armstrong to promote the fight against cancer, these bracelets are now commonly seen on wrists around the country to represent literally any cause that you desire. The silicone bracelets are obviously very effective for promoting an awareness event, but you can use them for the advertising campaign of your business as well.
The cool thing about these custom awareness bracelets is that the public has already warmed up to the idea of them, so you aren't introducing anything new here. All you have to do is have the message that you want debossed into the body of the bracelet and then distribute them wherever you wish. They come in any color that you can think of, which can either be used to represent the official ribbon color of your awareness event or simply to generate visual appeal.
5. Plastic Sunglasses 
For the last of our top five promotional products, consider these plastic sunglasses. This is an item that perfectly blends the concepts of function and style - recipients can protect their eyes from the sun and look good doing it. The sunglasses have tinted lenses so that they will be really effective when the sun is super strong. You will find that the best places to distribute these sunglasses are at outdoor venues like concerts, picnics, or the beach. Anywhere that the recipient will be able to wear them right away is perfectly acceptable.
While people may continue to wear these sunglasses after the event, this is the type of product that you want to generate attention with instantly. So, areas where large crowds are present are the best. This way, people can come up to the recipient and say, "Hey, cool sunglasses" and then check out your imprinted logo on the stick.

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