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In the 21st century, the standards are changing for what is generally accepted as good business. Consumers are no longer solely interested in the best quality product for the lowest price. Now they take other factors into consideration including how the product was made, what materials it was made from, and whether the environment was at all harmed in the process. The result of these growing concerns has stimulated a consumer-driven "going green" trend in which businesses have been forced to incorporate environmental responsibility into their manufacturing and distribution or risk being blown out by eco-friendly competition.
In light of the "go green" trend, eco-friendly promotional products have become exceptionally popular and useful. There are two types of businesses from an eco-friendly perspective, and both can benefit from the use of eco-friendly promotional items. The first type of business is one that is not currently compliant with environmentally friendly practices, but is interested in making the jump into "green" business. For this type of business, eco-friendly giveaways are the perfect way to advertise your policy changes to both existing and potential customers. People will be extremely impressed with the fact that your company has decided to make the monumental movement towards eco-friendliness for the sake of all parties involved with the product.
The second type of business is one that is already involved with environmentally friendly practices. If you own a "green" company, then you are very aware of the favorable marketing campaigns and brand loyalty that is being developed around the eco-friendly concept. You need to get the word out to as many people as possible that your company respects the planet in every step of their production. This will help you to generate a devoted customer base that will continue to spread the word about your company.
Eco-friendly promotional products are the best way to highlight the "green" aspects of your company, simply because you are proving to your clients these products exist and that you endorse them. Most eco promotional products are made from recycled or recyclable materials, most often being post-consumer plastics. When you offer one of these items to people at promotional events, you are saying, "Look at these cool products that have been made without abusing the environment in any way. Our products are made that way too." The eco-friendly item essentially gives people a tangible example of what your company stands for.
There are several kinds of environmental promo items that will be most effective in marketing your "green" business. To start,promotional eco-friendly sports bottles are always a good way to go. These water bottles are a great example of a product that can be easily produced from recycled plastics. Eco sport bottles appeal to a universal demographic, and can be easily distributed in any venue including company picnics and sports games.
You may also consider trying some eco-friendly caps and hats at your next trade show or promotional event. This embroidered headwear demonstrates that "green" practices can be implemented in the apparel industry. Most of these hats are classified as environmentally friendly because of the organic fabrics that they have been made from. While some feature organic cotton, others are crafted from bamboo or post-consumer recycled polyester. Promotional caps are extremely effective in promoting your "green" brand because as the recipient travels wearing the hat, they become a walking advertisement.
Finally, eco-friendly promotional key tags are the perfect alternative to apparel or drinkware when it comes to "green" branding. These key tags are very inexpensive and easy to distribute in any setting. They are very unique in their construction, with some being made from corn plastic, bamboo, or even recycled tires. You can find several eco key tags which have a flashlight that is powered by solar energy. This takes the concept of environmental functionality to the next level.
Make sure to distribute some of these eco-friendly giveaways so that everyone knows your business respects the planet and its resources.

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