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Promotional products have been around for over two hundred years. One of the oldest and certainly most effective products is the promotional bag. The first imprinted bag was a burlap sack that read the words "Buy Cantwell Shoes". Since those days, promotional bag production has boomed and the options have become unlimited.
Companies around the world have embraced promotional bags as one of the most popular promotional items available. The reason for their success is attributed to three different factors.
Public Display
Promotional bags belong to a group of products that are constantly at work to spread the word about your company. While apromotional sticker serves its purpose, chances are it will eventually be peeled off and thrown away. However, imprinted bags, along with promotional apparel, will wear a company's logo wherever their recipients travel. That ensures that a company will receive maximum exposure.
For instance, the first promotional bag was given out for free to every child that bought a pair of shoes at Cantwell Shoes. Children then wore their bags to school to carry their books. All throughout town and inside of the classroom Cantwell Shoes gained exposure. Today retail stores continue to use this advertising method to attract new customers and promote their name. And custom imprinted bags remain one of the most effective promotional products to date.
Another perk of 
promotional bags is the wide array of types of bags offered. Promotional backpacks and custom imprinted computer bags make great recognition gifts and can serve well as employee appreciation gifts in offices and schools.
When looking for more expensive, high end promotional bags consider custom imprinted garment carriers and promotional travel bags. They make a lasting impression when given as corporate gifts. Respected clients and business partners will be honored to receive classy custom imprinted golf bags as appreciation gifts as well.
A more practical bag that is popular for any occasion is the classic promotional tote bag. These bags come in every color, size, and style one could ask for. Most recently, the custom imprinted eco-friendly tote bags have been introduced and are now essentials to supermarkets and shopping centers everywhere. These bags are built to last at an affordable cost which leads us to the last reason of why promotional bags are so popular.
Cost Effectiveness
It is very important to choose a 
promotional product that is appropriate for the event and productive in getting your company's name noticed. But everyone has a budget that they must abide by. That's why many bags are in the promotional under a dollar bagscategory.
These paper and plastic bags are fundamental to trade show giveaways worldwide. As visitors collect freebies from different stations at conferences they need somewhere to store things. These very affordable bags will serve recipients while promoting your company name.
Even after two hundred years, imprinted bags remain one of the most popular and useful promotional products around. So when looking for a smart, cost effective custom imprinted product, choose from the vast selection of promotional bags.
Promotional bag

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