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In the world of promotional products businesses seek maximum exposure. The process of choosing the perfect product and inscribing it to most pleasingly suit your company requires a lot of time and effort. Once the decision is made and the products are delivered it is most important that the clients put the products to work. Spreading the word of your company and enlisting more business is key. And throughout the years, promotional pens have proven to do just that.
Keeping up with their record, writing instruments were the number two product by sales again, for the 2007 business year. Custom imprinted pens maintain their high ranking as a household product while they offer an abundance of options. Color, type, and function are three categories that must be discussed when deciding on the perfect custom pen. And the goals of your company must be kept in mind. The appearance of the pen should compliment your company and any added functions should work to utilize your exposure.
For instance, key ring pens will be used by people who are on the go. Where ever someone travels, your company\'s name will be seen because it\'s attached to a set of keys. It\'s also important to go with the trends. Promotional USB flash drives are big in the market today, so an imprinted pen with an attached flash drive will attract customers and send out the message that you\'re a leading professional. Not to mention, USB\'s will travel back and forth from offices to libraries and more, which will allow for free publicity of your business.
With a jump in sales from $1.87 billion in 2006 to $2.02 billion in 2007, promotional pens are experiencing a new surge of effectiveness. By surpassing the 2 billion barrier, business logo pens have entered space only trumped by wearable promotional products. And while tees, hats and awareness bracelets are extremely useful, personalized pens provide more promotional benefits. Consider the amount of pens in your purse, or pens in your desk drawer. Where did they all come from? Chances are some one owned one of your pens before you did. With the daily exchange of pens inevitable the exposure of your business can soar.
Even as computer usage rises, writing instruments remain a necessity in our society. Back to school lists across the world read \"Pens\" as a must have. Pens are needed at stores and restaurants for signing receipts and doctors offices for filling out paper work. Therefore, it\'s simple to say that pens are the most universal promotional product.
Promotional pens are also a very reasonably priced product, especially considering the amount of usage you get out of them. The price of a pen ranges depending on its quality and features. But no matter what your budget is, there is a pen for you. The most important feature of a custom logo pen is its imprint space. Regardless of special features and flashy designs, a promotional pen will be effective if your business\' name and information is displayed proudly.
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